Keeping running and have fun!

Run for the beach!

We're going to have a blast!

  • Harry
  • Harry

    The Veteran. This is Harry's 6th Cap2Coast relay.

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  • Josh
  • Josh

    El Capitan. This is Josh's 2nd Cap2Coast relay.

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  • Moose

    AKA Mark. This is Moose's 3rd Cap2Coast relay.

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  • Moose
  • Eric

    The Tank. This is Eric's 2nd Cap2Coast relay.

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  • Eric

Welcome to the Coast Busters!

We're the chupacabra-dodging dirty dozen. We're the Coast Busters.

This is the 7th running of the Capital to Coast Relay -- the longest relay in the great state of Texas! It's a grueling but amazingly fun, non-stop 223-mile relay from Austin to Corpus Christi, TX. Keep an eye on our active Coast Busters Facebook Group. We're going to start organizing weekly team runs and most of our team's communication will happen there. It's much easier than emailing everyone.

The Capital to Coast Race Experience

We will be divided into two (2) groups of six (6) runners. Each group will have their own 15-person passenger van and driver. The drivers are part of the team and are a friend of someone(s) on the team. Van #1 will leave really early Friday morning to pick up its runners. We will all be together at the starting line when runner #1 toes the line at Republic Square at 6 a.m. From that point forward, if you're not pounding the pavement or dirt roads, you're sitting in a van. The van must stay ahead of the runner at all times. The van will stop a mile or two ahead of the runner and then we all pile out to cheer on our runner. As the runner, you let us know how far ahead you want the van to stop and wait on you. If you're running during the heat of the day, we recommend that the van stops at 1-mile increments to make sure you have plenty of fluids. We will always make sure that you're okay, having fun, and are adequately hydrated and healthy.

After approximately 6 hours, all 6 runners in Van #1 will be done with the first phase. Runner #6 will pass the slap bracelet to Runner #7 (who is the first runner in Van #2) at the exchange point in Lockhart, TX. The runners in Van #2 then commence their respective legs. And at that point, the runners in Van #1 get to rest. Van #1 goes on to eat like rabid 16-year-old boys at a Subway or something equally gastrointestinally-friendly. After lunch, we'll go to our first motel where we'll shower and rest. Like in the military, eat and sleep when you can. If you can't sleep, at least lie down and rest as much as you can. You're body is going to need it. And don't forget to poop. Pooping is better in a motel room's toilet than on the side of some country road. Just ask Harry.

After another 6 hours or so, Van #2 is done with their legs and Van #1 takes over again. Runner #12 from Van #2 slaps the bracelet on the wrist of Runner #1 from Van #1. High-fives, fist bumps and hugs. Van #2 goes on to eat and get some sleep. See how this is working? Good. It's fun.

You will be assigned your legs based on your 10k pace, experience, health and condition. We spend a lot of time determining which legs are best-suited for each runner. One, some, or all of your legs are going to suck. But it'll be the fun kind of suck. ;-) You're going to have to run at least one of your legs in the heat of the day, so be prepared. Train for that. You need to practice by running 6 miles in the heat of a Texas afternoon. You're also going to run one of your legs at some weird-ass time in the middle of the night or really early in the morning. This is when the chupacabra jokes will start among your new best friends in your van. Dig deep. You've got the heart of lion. Roar, baby. You can do it.

We're going to have a blast

While in years past the Coast Busters have earned a podium spot, this year we're in it to finish this race together. We're not going to kill ourselves. We're not encouraging anyone to over-exert themselves. DO NOT push yourselve beyond your comfortable running pace. We want everyone to have a fun and safe race. We're a hodge-podge of age, pace, beliefs, professions & lifestyles, and we all have a common love (and/or hate) of running. You'll quickly get to know your teammates, especially the tired and stinky ones with whom you'll be sharing a van. Be prepared to do a lot of laughing and running. We're going to have a ton of fun! This is a huge team and individual endeavor and accomplishment, and are excited to cross the finish line with you all on the beach! If you ever have any questions or concerns, please let Josh or Harry know as soon as possible.

Race Details:

  • DATE: October 14-15, 2016
  • NUMBER OF TEAMS: Race will cap at 80 teams for the 7th annual. They are expecting a full 80 teams for the 7th Annual.
  • DISTANCE OF THE RACE: 223 miles – THE LONGEST relay race in Texas
  • START - AUSTIN, TX (Downtown Austin - REPUBLIC SQUARE PARK at 4th and Guadalupe). Van 1 will arrive with its 6 runners at the starting line between 5 - 5:30 a.m. High-fives, fist bumps and hugs will commence at 5:54 a.m.
  • FINISH - Corpus Christi, TX (USS Lexington on the Beach)
  • START TIMES: 4am – with waves of teams leaving every hour or few hours after. Teams will leave based on their 10K times, with the faster teams starting later and the slower teams going first so that all finish around the same time. Last year (2015) we started at 6 a.m. sharp.
  • END OF RACE: 6pm on Saturday, October 15, 2016. This will account for a 10 min/mile pace for a team that starts at 4am on Friday, they will still make it in time. All teams must be able to finish the race in under 38 hours.
  • COSTS:
    • Registration: $1200 per team ($100 per runner), must be ONE check (or CC) for the entire team. Y'all are paying Josh. Josh is taking care of team registration.
    • Incidentals: ~$250 per runner. This covers (2) van rentals, gas, motel rentals, and ice cold cases of water & various flavors of Gatorade.
    • Meals:You cover the cost of your own meals. We'll want to maximize our rest time, so we're not stopping for sit down sushi or deconstructed vegan fare. We'll be in small Texas towns. Think Subway sandwiches.
    • BYO: Snacks and/or whatever else you want to have with you. This includes any goos, gels, bars, fruits, snacks, etc. If you prefer Poweraid to Gatorade or smartwater to regular water, you can bring those in small, personal quantity. We'll have huge coolers full of ice, water and Gatorade, so there won't be a ton of room, but we can gladly accomodate a few extra bottles of your preferred hydration. Otherwise we'll have plenty of water and Gatorade for you.
  • SANCTIONING BODY / INSURED: The Capital to Coast Relay is sanctioned and insured through USA Track and Field.
  • LEG RATINGS: Based on elevation change and distance. (ranging from easy, moderate, moderately hard, hard)
  • AVG. TEMP in TEXAS DURING RACE: Avg. High of 82.1. Avg. Low of 60. 64% of sunshine. Last year, during the heat of the day, it reached 95 degrees.
  • AWARDS: Top 2 teams in each category, Best Decorated Van, Most Original Team Name, among others.
  • WHAT WILL EACH MEMBER OF THE TEAM RECEIVE: High Performance Apparel piece, race bib number, and a Finishers Medal for all team who finish in allotted time.
  • TEAM REQUIRED MATERIALS: 2 reflective vests per van (4 total), 2 flashlights or headlamps per van (4 total). We will have headlamps and reflective vests. They will be gross, sweaty and stinky, so you might want to consider bringing your own.
  • VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENTS OF TEAMS: If the team has one or more members within the South/Central/East Texas area, they will be required to provide 4 volunteers per team. Volunteers must be 18 yrs of age or older. Teams are considered local if they are from far north as Waco, TX, to the east as far as Houston, down to the Gulf of Mexico, and as far west as San Angelo, TX.
  • TIMING SYSTEMS: All teams will be timed based off of their start time complete through to their finish time. Teams are timed with a CHIP TIMER. All teams will be monitored and timed by these official chips. Official time will be kept by the Capital to Coast Relay Staff. The person who starts the race will wear the bib. The person who finishes the race will wear the bib.
  • RULES FOR NIGHT RUNS: From 7pm until 7 am, all runners must run with both a reflective vest, and either a flashlight or headlamp. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is for your safety. Vans are not permitted to travel behind the runner to illuminate the road.
  • CAPTAINS PACKET: All the captains will receive and entire packet of complete rules and regulations, penalties, activities, releases, etc. These will be sent off to you 6 weeks before the race. Please pass on all information to the entire team and make them aware of rules and regulations.
  • RACE GEAR: All runners will be required to have their race bib number visible at all times as well as their wrist bracelet. From 7 pm to 7am, runners will also have to have on a reflective vest and a flashlight or headlamp. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • THE SNAP BRACELET FROM HEAVEN Since this is a relay, we pass a "baton" among our runners. The Capital to Coast baton is an LED slap bracelet. When a runner ends his leg at the marked exchange point, he quickly takes the bracelet off and slaps it on the wrist of the next runner, and then the next runner heads out on his run. Last year Harry texted Josh to say, "Don't let me forget to give you the slap bracelet since you're starting the race." So, Josh asked Siri, "Remind me to get the slap bracelet from Harry at 5:15 tomorrow morning."